v0.2.2 - A New Level Philosophy

Everything changed when the fire nation attacked... no, wait... I meant to say:

Everything changed with this new version. The level system is new: Instead of one big auto scroll level, there are now several one-screen-levels. They are still autoscroll but a bit slower. Emphasis is more on thinking about your and Eurydikes movements. 

So far 6 of those little levels are in the game.

Also the restart after a death was worked on: Instead of a game over screen the game jumps right back to the start of the level.

Outlook: All those new changes brought a lot of new bugs with them. Screen transition is crappier than ever and the death counter is currently not working. With the next update v0-2-3 I want to fix this and introduce a simple save system to save the level the player was on and the overall deaths.


Orpheus v0-2-2.zip 9 MB
Jun 29, 2019

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