Version 0.2 - The Game Dev Strikes Back

After more than four months after completing my first ever game with Orpheus, I came back and made some improvements. Not only is it now playable in the browser but it can be completely played with an Controller (Xbox 360 Controller). Well except for the buttons in the menus, you need a mouse for them...

I managed to solve the wibbly wobbly text issues in the opening and end credits, the player movements are animated when using a controller and the mos important thing:


Seriously, I didn't even manage to see the end on a frequent basis so making some tweaks to the difficulty was very necessary. The auto scroll is slower, Eurydike is a bit faster, the Chaser Demons have a bit tinier range and at the last obstacle there is more room to move without being punished.

Play it, enjoy it, give me feedback, tell the world how awesome I am. Or something like that.

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