Once Upon A Synthwave (Working Title until I come up with something better) was born as I tried to fuse together two older projects of mine that I abandoned before: A Platformer and a Shoot 'em up. It is also a trainings ground for me as a wannabe gamedev who started to learn Unity and C# in December 2018. 

Which mechanics are implemented in v0-0-7?

- four basic weapons, changeable by pressing LB if collected

- a standard drone and a standard guard enemy, which follow you if too close

- press run (X Button) to run, which allows you to jump higher and further

- wall jump (press A when on a wall)

- Ground slide (a dash which only works when you are on the ground, press RL) 

- Dive Bomb - press RL after a wall jump or when jumping from a cliff to dive into the ground and destroy nearby enemies. The higher you are, the more devastating it becomes

It is recommend to play with a (Xbox 360) controller:

A - jump

X - run

D-Pad - move

RB - shoot

LB - change weapon

RL - dash

Start - pause/unpause

I am looking forward to all constructive feedback and recommendations! :)

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