Millions of millions of stars are out there in the universe. And millions of millions of them have planets. With this sea of opportunities, there is one thing we need to do: Play galactic Gravity Golf!


Use W and S to aim and A and D to set your power - and then press SPACE to shoot that little ball across the universe! Use the gravitational pull of the planets to get the ball into the hole.

More Details:

The game includes 18 holes. There is no stroke limit, but if you are stuck at a level you can skip it. But a skip will add 15 strokes to your score.

Each level has a collectible star that is more or less difficult to collect. Each star counts as two stars because of some stuff in Unity that I don't quite understand....

The game saves your progress  so you can pick up where you left at any time.

Extra feature: You can pick between two soundtracks: calm and energetic. You can do so in the start screen or in the pause menu. Why? Because I myself couldn't decide which music fits better so I am outsourcing the decision to you!

This game was made for the Blackthornprod Game Jam 2019, theme: Miniature Planets.

StatusIn development
GenreSports, Puzzle
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Golf, Gravity, planets, Space


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Very nice game! Shouldn't the ball be allowed to hit the planets like in mini golf?

This is a really cool idea, but it is quite hard. Seeing the planets' ranges would definitely help, and keeping the aim and power from the last shot when you miss would be nice too.

Hey. Thanks for the feedback. I managed to put it in the game just in time. Now the range of the planets gravity is visible and although I didnt manage to keep the aim for the shot before, the "laser visor" should make aiming easier.

It would be nice to see the planets area of effect so you could better plan you hits.

Maybe a dedicated respawn button with instant respawn.

But the music is really nice(both tracks) and it's lovely pixelart