The ship got off course, stranded in an unknown planetary system void of all intelligent life. Help the astronaut explore the dark planets, collect batteries to keep his life support systems going and discover the secrets of a whole new world (please don't sue me for using this phrase, Disney!)

The controls are simple: 

Press Space or (A) on the Xbox-Controller to use your jet pack. It allows you four boosts before you have to land to recharge it again. It basically give you a quadruple jump.

Press J or (X) on the Xbox-Controller to interact with items, keys, doors, etc. Be careful as you can only carry two items at a time!

This is just in a prototypish state. A Pre-alpha. The early access before early access. It consists of only two levels: A tutorial level and a test level. Both are quite linear. In the future it is supposed to be more set multiple medium sized metroidvania style worlds with multiple paths and puzzles to unlock more paths to really convey a feeling of exploration and discovery.


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good game but way too short with basically just one level aside from the tutorial :-)

Thank you for playing and your comment. I agree. It is just the basic idea so far. A prototype. Next step will be  extensve level building :)